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Setting Up A Social Media Presence Around Your Art

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When selling art is your bread and butter, you may have a number of things to contend with. Learning how to price your art pieces is one of the hardest factors. Prices will depend on the market, the effort and materials put into the work, and the genre of work. If you are working on getting buyers to buy the art that you produce, you will need to set up a good social media presence. Here are a few ways to set up a social media presence that will develop a following for your art. 

Open up about your inspiration

Much of the time customers and prospective customers want to know the inspiration behind your work. Whether it is nature, the influence of other famous artists, or your personally developed worldview, you should feature a glimpse of this in your social media. Once people understand why you create the pieces that you offer, they may be more interested in buying or at least interested in looking at the art from a different perspective. Your inspiration could also draw in other like minded artists, to create a group with or work on pieces together. 

Personality can make sales

Just as with salespeople inside of a brick and mortar shop, a salesperson with a great personality can make more sales than anyone else in the building. Your social media should be chock full of your personality. Be sure to feature videos or pictures of you, witty captions, and a glimpse into your personal life. The mystique around an artist can be important, so if you prefer to be elusive, you can post small snapshots of your life with vague captions at times. This will make your admirers appreciate the information that you do give them and they will be able to see new pieces as soon as you are ready to debut them. 

Build up suspense about new art

One of the best ways to get people to buy your art is to make a big deal about your pieces. Show a tiny portion of the easel along with a one or few word description of what the painting is about. Those who enjoy purchasing and buying art will be able to prepare for the possibility of your piece becoming purchasable. Likewise, if you offer commission pieces, you can display some pieces that you are working on and provide the information for your audience to speak with you about commissioning a personal piece.